Celebrations of engaging joyfully with the unknown….

If you are a friend of someone doing this summer’s embodied improvisation course The Delight of Surprising Yourself, you are warmly invited to come to their showcase!

To join, please enter your email address. You will immediately receive a link. Unless you say otherwise, I will only use your email to let you know about attending the show.

There are two shows. Check which one your friend is in. Come to both if you wish. There are TWO join boxes below – one for each show.

The shows will be 45-60 minutes. If you need to leave early, that’s not a problem – no one to push past 🙂

Doors will open 15 minutes before the show with some gentle fun before we begin. You can join in or just hang out as you wish.

Afterwards there will be a chance to hang out with your friends if you’d like to.

Please join the correct event (or both) here.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you on 17th, 18th September!


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