Freedom and Joy – Continuation Improvisation Course


  • 8 week continuation online embodied improvisation course
  • Smaller class:  Max 10 people so everyone has plenty of time (Min 6 people)
  • £120
  • Fridays 1-2:30pm BST, 16 October- 4 December (last session is optional online show).  Convert to your local time.

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This is a continuation course.  If you have not done any improvisation before, you should start with The Delight of Surprising Yourself.


You have done an introductory course in improvisation similar to The Delight of Surprising Yourself

You’ve worked with becoming more confident and playful, being seen and stepping into the unknown.  (You don’t have to be super confident – just to have made a start.)

You’re familiar with some short form games

The Course

Core practice

  • Loosening self editing
  • Body listening to discover how your characters feel
  • Use movement and the body discover new characters and ways of being
  • Build physical confidence – moving and being seen
  • Listening and connecting with your scene partners
  • Letting go of how you thought things would be to embrace how they are!

Improvisation skills

  • Learn to create your own long form show editing your own scenes, finding your own games and story as you go.
  • Manage scenes with more that two people.
  • Edit your own scenes and shows
  • Ways to open a show and discover the story
  • Different formats – we’ll do several
  • Individual coaching and feedback so you can stretch as much or little as you like

Joy and Community

  • Have a weekly practice of finding freedom, joy and connection.  Several participants on courses say it’s the highlight of their week.
  • Be part of a fun, supportive, creative group
  • There will be options to watch online improv shows together, go to laughter classes and other activities to support your practice

An Inside Out Approach

There’s yoga that looks good for Instagram and there’s yoga that feels good for you.

It’s the same here.  There is a performance / being seen element but what matters to me is whether it is enriching your life.  If you’re becoming

  • more playful
  • more confident
  • more comfortable being seen
  • more willing to step into the unknown

then I’m happy!

We do it to feel good, stretch ourselves and enjoy the experience.  As you become more fluid and skilled, you can enjoy the experience even more.

“I absolutely loved your introductory class! Improv is definitely outside my comfort zone, but you created such a welcoming environment, and you very skillfully calmed everyone’s nerves. I had a lot of fun, and it was wonderful to uncover a playful aspect of myself that had been buried for a long time.”

Lisa Fisher, California

“I had always been terrified of improv. When I finally took the plunge in Andrew’s highly safe and encouraging workshop, it was a joy to meet my playful side. I amazed myself at what I did and how much I enjoyed it.”

Reethah Desai, UK

“I love how you are so open and honest about yourself.  The sessions are so helpful on all sorts of levels, as well as really fun. Would love to do more!”

Lucy, UK

“It was a very safe and playful environment that you created during the workshop. I really appreciated the care you took with all participants.”

Susanne Bentley, Belgium

“I was nervous but Andrew skilfully led the session which was really fun and flew by. It left me wanting more and I’ll be back as soon as I can!”

Marie Cockerell, UK

“I loved today so much.  The timing was perfect for a zoom session although I actually really wanted it to go on longer in many ways!  To have two hours of freedom from mind talk and a sense of play was heaven! You facilitated it like a true craftsman.”

Jo Miller, UK

“Thank you for providing such a warm and welcoming spot to explore.”

Lisa Bayer-Maisel, California

“I enjoyed it a lot and it opened a window to the world of improv. There are opportunities for us to get out of our comfort zone yet it remains fun and safe. I left the session energized, proud of my journey through my fears and slowly accepting and taming my troll(s).”

Sylvain Mahe | Executive Coach, Singapore

“I wanted to give it a go as it seemed fun and I was not disappointed! Andrew is a wonderful host with a great sense of humour. Everyone feels welcome. Looking forward to play and connect again :)”

Sophie, Antwerp, Belgium

“It was really fun – very supportive and encouraging 🙂”

Hon Chong, Bratislava

“I joined Andy’s Play / Connect online session without any experience of improv or even knowing what to expect. I just knew that I needed a healthy dose of playfulness, laughter and connection. Andy and his session did not disappoint. He was able to bring strangers together in an online format with ease and grace. We all had the luxury of being with each other in such a fun way and forget for a short time the current perils. I highly recommend him and his fun-loving work. “

Jamie Abrams Founder | YogaJamie