Introduction to Improvisation – Letting Go of “Right”


A great way to have a taster session and see if you’d like to join my October-December beginners’ course, The Delight of Surprising Yourself.

Online class.  1 hr 45 minutes plus 15 minutes hanging out / chatting after.

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  • Trusting your instincts
  • Being seen
  • Acting without knowing
  • Engaging with the moment
  • Having fun 🙂

Children play instinctively.  They find out “What happens if I do this?” or “What feels most fun?”

As adults many of us forget.  We get stuck in being “right” and knowing what to do.  We self-edit to present the “right” version of ourselves.  We forget how to be with not knowing.   The idea of being our spontaneous natural selves often becomes scary.

That’s such a shame.

It’s vital to figure out the “right” way to launch a space rocket.

But what’s the right way to have a relationship, spend a Sunday, live a life?

“Right” keeps us in what is safe and known.  It leaves no space for discovering something completely new.

“The best surfer is the one having the most fun.”

I like this phrase because it’s a reminder of a different approach.  One where you’re not defining success by an external measure like passing an exam, balancing the books or avoiding disapproval.  You’re measuring it in terms of what feels good, what brings you alive and what’s opening up possibilities.  You’re reconnecting with yourself and exploring not knowing.

We use improvisation to help you

  • Reconnect with your free, spontaneous side
  • Loosen your self-editing
  • Commit to the moment
  • Listen and engage deeply with others
  • Surrender to what’s really happening, not what you thought would happen or should happen
  • Explore what it’s like to follow the fun rather than trying to get it right

If it sounds terrifying, I understand.

I found improvisation scary too.  I’m not from a performing background at all.  I got through life by staying in the background and getting things right.  The idea of improvising scared me witless.  But I knew that the fear was pointing towards some buried treasure –  getting back in touch with my playful, spontaneous self.

I’ve now been improvising for eight years, performing with a variety of troupes including improvising songs as well as performing improvised tributes to Shakespeare and Charles Dickens.  It’s helped me be more spontaneous and have MUCH more fun in life.  I’ve taught improvisation to doctors, management consultants and more.

I’m also a hypnotherapist and embodiment coach.

We will have maximum fun.  But we will also spend some time loosening up, relaxing the “deer in the headlights” reflex and picking out what you can take into the rest of your life.

There’s nothing you have to do and you can participate up to what feels like a good edge for you.

There’s also half an hour after every session to hang out, chat and decompress if you need or want to.

You don’t need to be “funny” or clever or quick.  It’s not about entertaining.  It’s about learning to engage with others, open up to the moment and allow yourself to be seen.

We don’t love your cleverness, we love your humanity.

You don’t have to be confident.  If you’re feeling anxious – I love you!  You’re my favourite kind of improviser.  Because, like me, you probably have the most to gain

Sessions are in English so you need good enough English to follow along.  We’ll use lots of movement and won’t be doing anything that’s language-intense like rhyming. If you can read this comfortably then you’re probably fine.

What Happens in the Session

  • Arrivals: Stretch, move, say hello and settle in.
  • Improv Tools – I’ll sketch out some of the tools that make improv work and help you have the best fun. We’ll do a couple of quick grounding techniques you can use to stay present and flexible.
  • Games and fun – We’ll play some games to start flexing your muscles. Mostly I’ll demonstrate something then you can play in pairs or small groups. We’ll check in after each one.  You
  • Closing and sharing – Checking in with how you found it, what you took from it, questions.
  • — Official end after about 1 hr 45 minutes. —
  • Hang out space – Part of the improv experience is spending time with great people. So this is part is like going out for a drink together.  Chat with each other or with me.  It’s also a way of making a smoother transition from “improv world” to the “normal world.”

Sessions are on Zoom.

I usually stand up so I can be more mobile.  We’ll do several movement-based activities.  If you’re able to stand up and move then that’s great.  But don’t worry if you can’t.

If you have headphones that can help reduce noise but don’t worry if you haven’t.

How to Join

To join, use the link at the top of this page.

Choose the time you would like from the dropdown, click “add to basket” then check out.

You should receive an email with a PDF containing joining instructions.

Only ten places per session to make sure there’s plenty of space for you to share if you want to.

If you really want to come but can’t afford it, let me know and we’ll sort something out.

Any questions or problems, email me, Andy, at

“I absolutely loved your introductory class! Improv is definitely outside my comfort zone, but you created such a welcoming environment, and you very skillfully calmed everyone’s nerves. I had a lot of fun, and it was wonderful to uncover a playful aspect of myself that had been buried for a long time.”

Lisa Fisher, California

“I had always been terrified of improv. When I finally took the plunge in Andrew’s highly safe and encouraging workshop, it was a joy to meet my playful side. I amazed myself at what I did and how much I enjoyed it.”

Reethah Desai, UK

“I love how you are so open and honest about yourself.  The sessions are so helpful on all sorts of levels, as well as really fun. Would love to do more!”

Lucy, UK

“It was a very safe and playful environment that you created during the workshop. I really appreciated the care you took with all participants.”

Susanne Bentley, Belgium

“I was nervous but Andrew skilfully led the session which was really fun and flew by. It left me wanting more and I’ll be back as soon as I can!”

Marie Cockerell, UK

“I loved today so much.  The timing was perfect for a zoom session although I actually really wanted it to go on longer in many ways!  To have two hours of freedom from mind talk and a sense of play was heaven! You facilitated it like a true craftsman.”

Jo Miller, UK

“Thank you for providing such a warm and welcoming spot to explore.”

Lisa Bayer-Maisel, California

“I enjoyed it a lot and it opened a window to the world of improv. There are opportunities for us to get out of our comfort zone yet it remains fun and safe. I left the session energized, proud of my journey through my fears and slowly accepting and taming my troll(s).”

Sylvain Mahe | Executive Coach, Singapore

“I wanted to give it a go as it seemed fun and I was not disappointed! Andrew is a wonderful host with a great sense of humour. Everyone feels welcome. Looking forward to play and connect again :)”

Sophie, Antwerp, Belgium

“It was really fun – very supportive and encouraging 🙂”

Hon Chong, Bratislava

“I joined Andy’s Play / Connect online session without any experience of improv or even knowing what to expect. I just knew that I needed a healthy dose of playfulness, laughter and connection. Andy and his session did not disappoint. He was able to bring strangers together in an online format with ease and grace. We all had the luxury of being with each other in such a fun way and forget for a short time the current perils. I highly recommend him and his fun-loving work. “

Jamie Abrams Founder | YogaJamie

Tuesday 29th Sept 7-9pm, Wednesday 30th Sept 1-3pm