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About Me

Hi. I’m Andy.  I’m a therapist/coach and a long-standing improviser. I don’t see the two as separate. 

My coaching and training work often integrates laughter.  And when I lead improv sessions, I’m more interested in the wellbeing, connection and joy it brings than anyone being “good.”

Play, connection, fun are not ‘nice to haves.’  They’re key parts of emotional and physical wellbeing.

Previously many of us might have had them come into our lives automatically as part of work or hobbies.  Now we have to build them in deliberately as part of our emotional nutrition, just like you would arrange a healthy diet and exercise physically.

The focus is on enjoyment, decompressing, connections and emotional wellbeing.  

No need to be “good” or crazy outgoing, all you need is a wish to connect and relax and play for a while.  I’m here to help you do that.
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I look forward to connecting and laughing with you soon.


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