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Alchemy of the Open Heart


A magical mix of improv, clown, movement, poetry, joy and laughter.  Details below.  Same class – different times.

  • Mondays 2-4pm BST 25 April – 20 June “The Rising Elephant” Convert time
  • Mondays 6-8pm BST 25 April – 20 June “USS Apple Pie” SOLD OUT
  • Fridays 6-8pm BST 29 April – 24 June “Friday Fun People” Convert time

  • Small group size so we can do long form pieces together – max 8 people
  • Eight weeks taught plus open improv party in week nine where you can play with new people and invite your friends
  • £130.
  • Multi-pass!  Avoid diary clashes or have double fun.  Try to attend your ‘main’ time so you get to know each other, but – space permitting – you can join any of the other times as a bonus too. ** Monday evenings are full now so it most likely won’t be possible to drop in to that class **

Paypal Pay Later – If you want to spread the payment over three months at no charge, choose Paypal at the checkout then click the Pay Later button.  This is controlled by Paypal and may not be available in all countries.  If you need it but it doesn’t work, email me and we can sort something out between us.

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*** These classes are suitable for people who are familiar with improv and have some confidence being seen and jumping in.  If you’re just starting out or want more support, go for The Delight of Surprising Yourself, which is especially for beginners. ***

Alchemy of the Open Heart

Amazing things happen when we open up.

A magical mix of improv, clown, movement, poetry and laughter to expand your joy and fall in love with wonderful people.

“I arrive feeling like a boiled zucchini and leave feeling like anything is possible”

  • Delight in your inner madness
  • Shake off old habits and explore new ways of being
  • Get out of your head and laugh your way into the moment
  • Connect through play and fun

“It was the highlight of my week – my face hurt from all the laughing!” 

Classes include

  • Some skills practice and a whole lot of enjoying ourselves
  • Short form games for maximum silliness and long form pieces for maximum freedom
  • Weekly themes like wonder, ease, creativity, inner awareness, pleasure, connection and boldness that you can take back into your daily life.

 “We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.”
George Bernard Shaw

“Through spontaneity we are re-formed into ourselves.”
Viola Spolin

“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people”
Victor Borge

By stepping out of our autopilot habits and exploring new ways of being, we reconnect with parts of ourselves we haven’t visited for a while.

Writer Debbie Ford* borrows the image of the entirety of you being like a magnificent castle with a thousand rooms.  As we grow, however, we stop visiting some areas.  We decide some parts are “not us.” We put mental “no entry” signs on some of the doors a live in a smaller and smaller area.  Until eventually we start believing we’re just a small two-room flat in need of repair. 🙂

Unleashing our play and laughter together allows us to blow off the cobwebs, open some windows and reinhabit more of our whole selves while having a great time in the process!

¹Referring to John Wellwood in her book The Dark Side of the Light Chasers.²

²It’s definitely normal to have footnotes on a product page, right?³

³Must stop now… 🙂

Images from Unsplash – @heftiba @eyeforebony @krakenimages

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