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If we’ve already arranged a coaching call, you can either pay by bank transfer or by card / Paypal here.

If you’d like to ask about 1-2-1 coaching, email me at and we can see if we’d be a good fit.

I’ve written more about help for being too nice, people pleasing, setting boundaries, self acceptance and confidence being seen on my other site

New perspective can completely transform a problem. There may still be difficulties, now you can see where you’re going. What was overwhelming becomes clear.

I hope to help people make these kinds of shifts in all the work I do. But learning alone isn’t everything. Breaking habits is hard. Trying to think your own way out of a problem is hard. And it’s particularly hard to soothe your own emotional triggers.

If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed or confused, it’s probably more effective to have one-to-one support to unlock your particular challenges in your particular situation.

“Thank you for this light at the end of my tunnel”

Therapy and Coaching Can Help You

  • Heal difficult emotions and triggers. Your thinking brain is driven by your emotions. That’s why it’s hard to think straight when you’re anxious or upset. I can help you soothe old triggers, calm fears, and learn how to feel more balanced and confident. This helps you be at your best when you’re tackling other challenges.
  • Get clear. Like the mouse before it stepped out of the maze, it’s hard to see clearly when you’re in the thick of a problem. The way human brains are arranged means we tend to get overwhelmed or slip into disempowering, self critical or negative ways of thinking. I can help you get clear so you know where you’re going and what to do next.
  • Make changes. Effective change isn’t just about feeling better here and now. It’s also about building new ways of being in the world. Most sessions, we will agree something you will do and a plan for how you will do it. In one-to-one work, this can be tailored specifically to you. This means you’re much more likely to actually do it than if you just think it to yourself. And we’ll use the feedback from how it goes to help you take another step next time.
  • Coaching and support over time. My background is as a solution focused therapist. That means I keep reflection geared towards helping you as effectively as possible in the present. Having said that, there’s a great power in having support over time. It’s a compass to keep you moving in the right direction. It’s a sounding board to clarify your thoughts. It’s a safety net for when things go wrong. It’s a motivator to keep you moving forwards.
“Working with Andrew allowed me to see where I was getting in my own way and unravelled some of the thought patterns that were leading to certain results. He set challenges that were pitched at the right level to put me out of my comfort zone without being overwhelming.”

Releasing the Past and Moving Into the Future

I use therapy and coaching side by side.

People use the words differently but roughly speaking, therapy is about healing and integrating experiences from the past. Coaching is about helping you move forwards in the present and future.

Coaching helps you steer your car. Therapy helps you release the brakes. Most of the time you need to do both. Otherwise you can get caught in either too much analysis without any forward direction. Or trying to move forwards too quickly then getting caught up in old patterns later.

The way I work, if you were suffering from emotional triggers from the past and that was getting in your way, we might spend some time helping you heal those feelings through understanding, visualistions and movement practices. That’s more like therapy.

At the same time, as you began to feel better, we would start helping you bring more positive experiences into your life. So that would be more like coaching.

We do what is most useful to you. Usually that involves both releasing the past the moving into the future.

“I went to Andy to get clarity surrounding boundaries and things I felt I ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ do when thinking about my career and life in general. Very helpful also was starting to think about paths and routes in your life as something that is not fixed, but made by you – scary and exciting at the same time. Being given a different perspective on things you struggle with is like breathing a sigh of relief. Everything gets a bit lighter. So thanks Andy!”
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