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Laughter Lab!

Suitable for people with some improv experience.

Minimum 5 people. Maximum 10.

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“The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes,
but in having new eyes.”
Marcel Proust

Where seriousness and over-knowing can jam us up, laughter, not knowing and movement can open us to possibility, joy and ease.

So come explore, laugh and play through the magic of improv, clown and creating joy together.

Over the eight weeks of this class we’ll
• play some old favourite games and some new ones
• sprinkle laughter onto real life situations
• channel creativity, movement and play to discover new possibilities.

It would be super to have you with us!

Suitable for people with some improv experience.

Some examples of what we’ll be doing…

Life Kaleidoscope

Exploring the possibilities within real life situations through laughter and play.

Feasts of Fun

“You are what you eat.”  What does food say about a character, where can it take us?

Fun, Flop and Fool!

Clowning and physical comedy to get out of your head and into your laugh.

Puppet Play!

Improvising with inanimate objects, AI tools, puppets and silent partners

Johnstone Jamboree

In celebration of improv pioneer Keith Johnstone we’ll take some of his improv tools and apply them both to improv and life such as

  • Starting strong and getting directly into the fun
  • Being altered
  • Not doing your best
  • Doing the thing
  • Gifting your partner
  • Finding a game in the scene
  • Storytelling and narrative
  • Engaging with your environment

Short and long form improv and laughter – some brand new and some old favourites.

“At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.”
Jean Houston

Image Credits

  • Woman laughing – Street Og @streetog on Unsplash
  • Life kaleidoscope – Dall-E
  • Laughing people with an enormous turnip – Dall-E
  • Puppet – Volha Milovich @volhamilovichpuppets on Unsplash
  • Woman pulling face – Toa Heftiba @heftiba on Unsplash
  • Happy dog puppet – Eric Masur @eric_masur on Unsplash
  • Woman lying on grass with Keith Johnstone style eyebrows – Ryan McGuire @ryanmcguire-123690 on Pixabay
  • Kaleidoscope glasses – Malcolm Lightbody @mlightbody on Unsplash
  • Einstein graffi – @collab_media on Unsplash

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Mondays 6-8pm BST, Fridays 6-8pm BST

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