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Possibility Posse* – Joyful possibility in improv… and your life!


*If English isn’t your first language, a “posse” (pronounced poss-ee) is a “group” but “posse” fits better with “possibility”.  🙂

  • 9 x 2 hour classes (Last class is an open session to which you can invite your friends.)
  • Max 10 people
  • Next running late summer 2023.  Join the email list hear when it’s on.
  • £135

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“I arrive feeling like a boiled zucchini and leave feeling like anything is possible”
Play Connect participant


What if you could bring that improv mindset of joyful possibility into your life?

We’ll splash in fun, openness, laughter and play in

  • brand new short-form improv games
  • open scenes
  • embodied self-expression
  • laughter and fun
  • clowning and physicality

AND if you like, there’ll be a chance to bring that lightness to a something you’d like to try out in the world:  Running a class, offering a new service, trying something new, going on dates, writing an e-book, setting up a club.  Anything, if you’d like to.

Each week will include roughly 90 minutes of laughter, improv and clowning and 30 minutes to bring this lightness into your experiment.

The themes each week will support your improv and your experiments:

  • tuning in to inspiration and what makes you come alive
  • letting go of outcomes, just playing and seeing what happens
  • creating space for luck and magic
  • embodying the different versions of you that make it happen
  • catching the moment and escaping the quicksand of overplanning
  • making offers that excite you
  • commitment and stepping through doubts and fears
  • being OK with “failure”
  • listening and co-creating with your scene partners / the outer world
“Do not ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive, then go and do that.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
Howard Thurman

Bringing a “What If?” Spirit into the World

Your ideas don’t have to “work” or even seem realistic. It is not about “succeeding”, planning or pre-judging.

It’s about lightness.  It’s taking an improv spirit of opening up, doing something and seeing what happens among a bunch of other people doing the same.

You do not need to know what it might be in advance. We’ll explore that in the first week.  You can change your mind.

Needing to know keeps us stuck.  Play takes us to possibility.

From tightening up to lightening up. From closed to curious.

From “I can’t” and “I must” to “I wonder…” and “What if?

You can also choose not to do anything. It’s all groovy.  You could skip the last bit, or just enjoy being around others messing about with their ideas.


Escaping Overthinking Quicksand

Many of us have ideas we put off because we worry they might not “work” – “What if no one likes my recipes / yoga class / songs / e-book?”

We usually deal with it by

  • doing lots of thinking and preparation and
  • hoping that one day we will “know” and then we can begin.

But they’re traps, like quicksand.

Too much build-up makes something feel so important, it’s hard to relax and just do something.  Like when you leave it too long to reply to a message and now it feels like you have to write something amazing to justify the wait!  And the wait to “know” is endless.

Instead, we can lighten up. Take the pressure off. Tune in to ourselves. Do a little thing. Pay attention and listen to what comes back. Respond. Start dancing with reality.

Exactly like we practice in improv!

“The way to paint an amazing picture… is to paint a hundred pictures. One of them will be amazing.” 
Sam Toft, Artist

“FAQ” of questions I’ve asked myself on your behalf 🙂

Will it be fun?

Yes! That’s the whole point.  This is joyful expression and creativity in improv and beyond.

Who is it for?

You should have some improv experience.  If you have never done any improv, you might prefer my beginners’ course The Delight of Surprising Yourself.

Ideally, you’ll also be open to the possibility of trying something new in the world, though you don’t have to.

What kind of idea should I have?

Relax.  We’re practising opening up and listening for inspiration.

You might already have an idea that you’d love to play with – that’s wonderful.  Or you might not – that’s fine too.  We’ll explore tuning in to feel what you would find exciting in improv and life.

You don’t have to do anything.  And there is ZERO emphasis on anything succeeding.

It’s the opposite of that. We’re exploring what happens when we let go of any expectation.  We’ll be letting go of all the pressure, doing some experiments and listening for what brings us alive.

Is there any extra support?

Like with the Summer Specials we did, I’m hoping that being with other cool people trying things out will be an amazing support.

If you’d like any 1-2-1 help from me on anything, then you can have 20% off that too.  I’m not crazy successful, wealthy or anything but I have untangled some of the things that get in our way.

If you have an idea that fits with the general vibe of what we do, I’ll share it with newsletter subscribers and Facebook group – like with the Summer Specials.

Will it make me rich and famous?

Not, unless you are already 🙂

This is not about outcomes.  It’s about experimentation and playfulness. Letting go of planning and pre-judging in order to tune into the moment and see what happens.

It’s improv plus the chance to bring that mindset into something in your life.

It would be lovely to have you with us 🙂

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