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“Since doing the improv course with Andy, I feel I can be present as myself when teaching. I can be me. Goofy, imperfect me! I no longer have to “mask up” to present to a large group of students; I think they feed off my authenticity and I feel more credible because of it. I also no longer feel self-conscious in front of other members of staff – this was a huge problem for me in the past, especially being quite new to the profession. I originally did the course as I wanted to get more comfortable “being seen” – this was the particular phrase that attracted me. Ironically, given my job, I hated being front and centre, I was really anxious before lectures and uncomfortable throughout. Since the course, I became able to accept how I am, imperfections and all, and I’ve found that other people, students and staff alike, have accepted me too!”

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