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Wellbeing Immersion with Celynn Morin

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A lovely time guesting on Celynn Morin’s Wellbeing Immersion week.

  • The first 10 minutes are four ways playfulness can support your wellbeing.
  • Then we demonstrate two simple games you can play at home: “Gift Giving” and “Remember when we?” They’re very gentle so even adults can play them 🙂
  • The last few minutes are some ways you deliberately practice bringing joy into your life.
Day 3 of 5 WACKY WEDNESDAY Wellbeing Immersion

The other days are great too: Engaging and super practical. My takeaway from “Turned On Tuesday”, for example, was to to start creating a bigger gap between waking up and taking in information – phone, news etc. There’s something so special about that undefined mental space. If we cram it with “stuff”, there’s no space for fresh perspectives to emerge. Find all the sessions on Celynn’s YouTube playlist here.

Find Celynn here –

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