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Zoom buttons for Play Connect parties / classes

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Zoom Buttons for Play Connect parties & classes

My glamourous assistant and I made a 5 minute video demonstrating some Zoom buttons we use if you don’t know them already. (In this order, if you want to skip ahead.)

  • Update your Zoom client if you haven’t done that for a while.
  • Gallery view You should generally be in Gallery View. Choose that under the View button (top right of most screens).
  • Muting / Unmuting – It’s nice to hear you laughing. If you’re in a noisy environment or it’s causing an echo issue, please mute yourself. Do that by clicking the microphone icon in the bottom left corner. When it has a line through it, it means you’re muted. Click again to un-mute.
  • Visual signals – Because the sound doesn’t carry the same as in real life, show you how feel visually. Smile, wave, laugh, do twinkly fingers – whatever feels good! You can also use the “Reactions” button. It looks like a smiley emoji. – Switching your video on & off- If you’re not involved, we’ll often ask you to switch your video off. This makes the people involved bigger on the screen. Do this by pressing the start / stop video button.
  • Hide non-video participants – This hides the black squares that are left if someone has their camera off. Then you are left with big images of only the people who are playing. Find the three dots in the top right corner of the blank square then choose Hide Non-Video Participants.

See you there if you’re coming 🙂

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